1805, 2013

Engagement Shoot in Downtown Toronto at the Distillery District and Brookfield Place; K+Larry

I’ve said this a couple of times already in past blogs, but this right here by far is the most complicated Esession shoot I have done so far, first we were kicked out of the Distillery District for not having a permit, note to self, next time get a permit! We headed outside the property […]

2802, 2013

Engagement Shoot – Winter in Toronto Humber Bridge and Union Station – Carlos + Ashley

This is my first shoot this year, it’s a winter engagement session with Carlos and Ashley, we started at the place where they first met, in Yorkville at Babalu, it was closed so we just shot outside by the sidewalk, we then head to the Humber Bridge and spent some time there shooting outdoors, it […]

1412, 2012

Engagement Shoot at the Airplane Museum in Hamilton – Dee+Sharon

This is my first time doing an aviation themed E-Session, shooting at the Hamilton Airport Museum was a lot of fun, you get to go in the cockpit and the tarmac as well. This was all Sharon’s idea and I was excited the first time I heard it. It became really challenging though when we […]

1009, 2012

Engagement shoot in Yorkville – Downtown Toronto – Dale + Stephanie

Dale and Stephanie are having a destination wedding next year, they wanted to do an engagement shoot in Canada, the location of their choice, Yorkville. There are so many cool backgrounds that you can use when you shoot in Yorkville and if you are lucky, you might see some celebrities too :), we also spent […]

409, 2012

Engagement Photoshoot in Oakville – Basketball Themed – Dee and Sharon

Hi friends! Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is the first of a 3 series engagement photo shoot session with couple Dee and Sharon, I will be shooting their wedding in March next year. For our first theme they decided on a basketball themed shoot, obviously they are great fans of the sport […]

1108, 2012

Engagement Session in the Distillery District and the Docks in Downtown Toronto – Vic and Deepy

Vic and Deepy are couples from a group of many friends who all trusted me with their wedding photos, one couple, Kamal and Bev has now become quite a few, thanks for the trust!

Deepy and I have been emailing back and forth trying to decide a good place to shoot their E-Session, we finally decided […]

2307, 2012

Engagement Photos at the Paletta Mansion in Burlington – Steve and Holly

Engagement Photos Paletta Mansion Burlington

Holly was a colleague until she left for another opportunity, we got to be buddies while working together. Back when we were working together, we use to talk about Steve and marriage proposal, engagement shoots, theme songs, wedding photos and most things a girl dreams of a happy marriage. The proposal […]

1106, 2012

Engagement session in rainy weather in Mississauga Riverwood Park – Lee + Jennifer

We had lots of obstacles with this E-Session of Lee and Jennifer, weather and location is not cooperating, we initially set up to shoot in Markham but ended up doing the engagement photo shoot in Mississauga Riverwood Conservancy. This didn’t dampen our spirits, we let rain pass a couple of times then shoot again, everyone […]

506, 2012

Engagement shoot – Downtown Toronto – Graffiti and Urban Theme – Kevin and Tanya

Kevin and Tanya wanted to do an urban setting with graffiti for their engagement photos. The best place to take them was in Downtown Toronto, the Graffiti alley, you guessed it right 😛 not my usual nature backed E-Sessions, shooting downtown isn’t bad at all, except for parking. So here you go, some of my […]

3105, 2012

Engagement Shoot in a Park in Mississauga and Port Credit Photos – Ben and Emily

I will be shooting Ben and Emily’s wedding this summer in Cambridge Ontario. They have been double thinking if they wanted an engagement session or not, emails back and forth and we eventually agreed to do an E-Session. Emily was nervous to do it but I told her don’t worry, it’s just me, you’ll do […]