105, 2014

Sikh and Hindu Wedding in Mississauga City Hall – Sue+Chandru

Sikh and Hindu wedding photographers are in demand in Mississauga and surrounding cities like Brampton, we are happy to have photographed this Sikh and Hindu wedding of Sue and Chandru. Here’s a collection of a Sikh and Hindu wedding photos shot at the Mississauga City Hall that we would like to share. This collection was shot […]

509, 2013

Sikh Wedding Photographer in Stoney Creek – Deepak + Sharon

Sikh Wedding Photographer in Stoney Creek Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington and etc. There are many choices for wedding photographer covering Sikh ceremonies, but finding the right fit, the one that clicks, the one that is compatible is the hard part, it is best to get referrals for photographers doing Sikh ceremonies in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, […]

104, 2013

Mississauga Grand & Mariachi Wedding Photos – Carlos + Ashley

This is our first wedding of the year, Carlos from Costa Rica and Ashley of Japanese and Canadian blood getting married in Mississauga plus me being Filipino Canadian haha!, truly an international event. Although still winter, Ashley and Carlos’ love gave us the warmth we needed to shoot outside in the cold, awww, really though, […]

210, 2012

Sikh wedding photographer in Brampton – Vic + Deepy

Here is a two day shoot by Red Studios, Joy Olayta second shot for us on the first day where she covered the groom getting ready. I (Red) was at the brides house in the getting ready stage then we converged at the Gurdwara around 10 am where we did the Milni and the Sikh […]

2609, 2012

Wedding Photography in Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek – Kevin + Tanya

We are privileged to be a part of Kevin and Tanya’s wedding in this glorious summer day at the Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek Ontario, this has got to be one of the most elegant wedding venues west of  Toronto, the view is spectacular and the venue is intimately elegant. Tanya was so beautiful she […]

1909, 2012

Wedding Photos at Terrace on the Green in Mississauga – Jason + Nella

Red Studios was hired on short notice by Jason and Nella to shoot their wedding at the Terrace on the Green on Mississauga Road in Brampton. This wedding was shot by Alvin Gozum for Red Studios. Here are some of our favourites from this intimate garden wedding.

2407, 2012

Wedding Photography at The Fantasy Farm in Toronto Korean Wedding – Lee and Jennifer

I have done a lot of weddings from different backgrounds but this is my first Korean wedding. It was a good experience seeing and taking photos of a Korean Wedding Ceremony, another cultural wedding under my belt 🙂 Thank you Lee and Jennifer for having me!

Everything happened on the same venue at the very nice […]

2307, 2012

Wedding Photography at Berkeley Church in Toronto- Nick and Charlett

Nick and Charlett’s wedding was held at the Field House of the Berkeley Church in Toronto run by the The Berkeley Events, the Field House is “A new installment to The Berkeley in 2007, The Field House is Toronto’s most uniquely designed indoor/outdoor venue.” This we can say is true, the venue has a lot […]

1407, 2012

Cambridge Mill Wedding Photography – Ben and Emily

We are pleased to have the opportunity to take wedding photographs for our couple Ben and Emily at the beautiful Cambridge Mill in Cambridge ON. The preparation, ceremony and reception was all done in the venue, very convenient for everyone and you don’t get the traffic and time stress of moving from one place to […]

3105, 2012

Italian wedding at the Ajax Convention Centre photos – Steve and Josie

Here is am early spring wedding at the Ajax Convention Centre. We had the pleasure of taking the photographs of this elegant Italian wedding and working with Terri-Ann James an excellent wedding planner. Here are some of our favourite photos from the event.