I’ve said this a couple of times already in past blogs, but this right here by far is the most complicated Esession shoot I have done so far, first we were kicked out of the Distillery District for not having a permit, note to self, next time get a permit! We headed outside the property and just shot outside, frankly I thought the shots were awesome, we did not need to be inside to get great shots. We were doing good until about 25 minutes into the session, this freak May weather came, it would rain, the sun would shine, rain pellets would fall, the wind would gust, in a matter of minutes changes occur, so we were running around shooting, getting wet, freezing and then thawing LOL! I had so much fun and excitement I hope my clients did too. After all this, we did a shoot and run inside the Brookfield Place in Downtown Toronto, literally it was a shoot and run as Larry’s Infiniti was parked illegally outside the building. Hehe, I get excited again just blogging about this shoot.I’d like to thank my buddy Gener for coming out to help me with this shoot.

K was a bridesmaid and a friend of one of my previous brides Sara, K is an intern architect and Larry is an IT guy with a passion for portrait and people photography. I get flattered when folks into arts hire me, makes me feel I am doing something right. LOL! I am looking forward to shooting their wedding this June in the Estates of Sunnybrook.

Here are some of my favourite shots from this ESession in Downtown Toronto.