Our lab has reliable colour consistency in photographic prints. They use professional printers and software to maintain this consistency. Photographic prints are made using Fuji paper which produces vivid colours and beautiful skin tones. The paper is actual photographic paper which is light exposed and then chemically processed.

Photographic Paper types: Fuji Lustre PD Pro | Fuji Crystal Archival Glossy | Fuji Pearl Metallic | Kodak Endura Metallic

When you print with us you get at least two levels of colour correction for each photos. So what really is a level of colour correction? See below what we mean in a nutshell:


Out of the Camera, these files are good enough to print and can become great if you take it to the right lab or printer. These are the files on disc that is included in all our packages.
BetterLevel 1
Colour corrected so files will print well with retail printers, photo properties are in the middle ground and should be adjusted at your printer based on your preference.
BestLevel 2
This is the standard when you buy your prints from us, the files go through level one and another treatment to adjust colour density, clarity and sharpness, generally the photos will print like how you see the photos in our website portfolio.
AwesomeLevel 3
This is our highest level of colour correction, files also go through retouching, dodging and burning, tonal adjustments and anything else needed to make the photo an artwork, our gallery canvas and mounted enlargements go through this.

Print sizes and pricing: